The Canadian Chapter of the Controlled Release Society (CC-CRS) was established in 2009 as a forum to facilitate interactions between academic, clinical and industrial members active in the fields of the science and technology of controlled delivery of drugs and therapeutic agents in human and animal health as well as other active agents in environmental, consumer and industrial applications. CC-CRS is a local chapter within the international Controlled Release Society (CRS), part of the efforts of CRS to internationalize the membership of CRS and increase global networking opportunities for controlled release professionals. CRS reaches over 3000 members in over 50 countries, and CC-CRS offers opportunities to both form links with these researchers around the world as well as seed local collaborations within Canada. CC-CRS also aims to build the profile of controlled release activities in Canada to the international research community through the publications and annual meetings of the international Controlled Release Society. Finally, while membership in CC-CRS is free, CC-CRS aims to increase Canadian participation in all aspects of the international CRS body, including increasing Canadian membership in CRS and encouraging Canadian research to be presented at CRS Annual Meetings. We hope you will take advantage of the networking opportunities both inside and outside Canada that a free CC-CRS membership provides!


CC-CRS aims to serve its members by providing forums for Canadian controlled release professionals to network and share research results. We do this by organizing both regional events as well as our annual national symposium in late May-early June annually, the latter often held in conjunction with other Canadian societies with common interests. CC-CRS also provides financial support, in part via funding from the international CRS organization, to enable trainees to attend both our national symposia as well as the CRS international annual meetings.

Past Presidents:

2015-2017 – Emmanuel Ho
2013-2015 – Todd Hoare
2011-2013 – Michael Doschak
2009-2011 – Jake Barralet (founding president)